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If there is any ideological political party present in Pakistan then it is in the form of a common man movement mean ” Aam Admi Tehreek Pakistan” .
اس وقت پاکستان میں اگر کوئی نظریاتی سیاسی پارٹی موجود ہے تو وہ عام آدمی تحریک پاکستان کی شکل میں ہے
(محمد ذیشان اقبال )

Aam Admi Tehreek Pakistan

Objectives of The Aam Admi Tehreek Pakistan .
1. A very popular democratic self-rule negating all the current undemocratic practices. This party aims to restore the democracy in its original shape.
2. To do away with the corruption creation of sovereignty of people procure justice everywhere and for every one on equality bases.
3. Secure the rights of all citizens without any discrimination for social, economic, political liberty of expression, status quality, protection of belief thoughts and faith.
4. True allegiance to the state, constitution of Pakistan to work for Pakistan to make it modern Islamic welfare, peaceful country.
5. To implement strong democratic political system, policies to eradicate corruption of all sorts, the technical tactics to boost up all the institutions law enforcing agencies and accountability of all big and small alike.
6. To enforce the rights of provinces.
7. To eradicate favoritism and family promotion.
8. To end smuggling of drugs and human trafficking qabza groups illegal ways of wealth feudalism and all sorts of interference by the political Maphia and VIP culture.
9. To reform the existing electoral system.
10. To restore the independence of judiciary
11. To bring the reform for transformation of existing malpractices prevailing in the system.
12. To introduce the agricultural reforms and a price control over all commodities.
13. To reform the taxation system only for the benefit of general public.
14. To provide free education to achieve 100% literacy rate to promote economy, research and creating equal opportunities to the lower creed.
15. Stabilization of prices to establish equality with international standard to stabilize the infrastructure with full check and balance system.
16. All round respect to public opinion, suggestions and needs and demands.
17. To create and provide assurance of jobs to the youth on merit in Public and private sectors without any fear or favor.
18. Scholarship to students, free education to all provisions of jobs, unemployed youth till attaining of any job or employment.
19. Uphold the dignity of nation with strong affirmation of national fervor.
20. To protect the rights of minorities and people of far off areas.
21. To make sure the participation of women in all walks of life and to give them the protection under legal frame work and Islamic order.
22. Surety for the positive role of Electronic and Print Media to benefit the masses and the prosperity and good will with in and the outside the world.
23. Abolition of unjust laws curbing the freedom and basic rights of citizens of Pakistan.
24. An access to public and private information for all.
25. Participation of youth should be encouraged with new and beneficial thoughts. Give them technical and free skills to have more employment.
26. Social Judicial, economic and personal rights will be guaranteed.
27. To do all for the overseas Pakistanies e.g financial, family, rights of voting with proper guarantees.
28. Loyalty for Pakistan should be foremost priority.
29. To evolve a foreign policy to strengthen the ideology of Pakistan and our nation’s power.
30. To live honorably within global canopy with grandeur and dignity.
31. To eradicate the corruption and terrorism to bring a constant peace in the country.
32. Rights of provinces, Azad Kashmir and Fata will be assured and support to all kind be afforded to the right struggle of Muslims of Azad Jammu Kashmir.
33. Preference and priority will be given to Local Govt. System to provide the nation with needs from the grass root level so as to achieve such a Democracy which factually a Govt. of the People for the people.
34. Should provide the pure drinking water to Pakistani people specially there and that and remote areas everywhere in Pakistan
35. Should provide the facility of sewerage system as according to need.
36. Provided that the above 60 year respectable old citizens of Pakistan will have the right of free health care and medicine and should provide their pension at their door.
37. Seraiki province will be established with its all aspects.
38. Many other units will be established according to needs of geographical facts or other aspects may concern.
39. Death penalty on corruption
40. Death Penalty of kidnaping and abusing of kids
41. Death penalty of acidity on women or any human being
42. Construction of Dams should be on priority bases to suport enrgy and agriculture resources

Farhan bhutta

 The Nation Article:

Belonging to a middle-class family and hailing from Taunsa Shrief, remotest Tehsil of Southern Punjab, Rashida Farhan is all set to challenge the political stalwarts of the area with the aim to eliminate old ‘Vani’ custom in her area.

The educated lady, with high aims to promote education, is active in politics with husband Farhan Manzoor Bhutta in the underdeveloped area.

This young couple (Farhan Manzoor Bhutta and Rashida Farhan) from a small town, having no basic amenities, is contesting from the area for both National assembly and provincial assembly seats.

Both are contesting independently from their ‘Aam Admi Tehreek’ political party.



Rashida Farhan bhutta

Rashida Farhan bhutta

Rashida Farhan is standing on National Assembly seat (NA-189) and his husband from provincial assembly (PP-286 Punjab). She is facing major political players, including Khwaja Sheraz and Sardar Amjad Farooq Khosa, in the upcoming July elections.

In traditional society of Taunsa and adjoining areas, people never thought that a young lady will ever dare to come out and reach out to masses for political awakening.

As per the tradition of the area, women folk are usually discouraged to take part in active politics.  But Rashida believes in equal representation for women folk in all walks of life.

Since the start of her career a few years ago, people have seen her working like one woman army, going door to door to instil a spirit of change in them.

“Sardars, Waderas, and Gaddi Nasheens have systematically enslaved the people of south Punjab since decades and done nothing for the welfare of the masses and uplift of infrastructure,“ Rashida Farhan said this while talking to The Nation. The lady from underdeveloped area has the aim to eliminate ‘Vani’ custom and promote education in the area.

Contaminated water for human consumption, lack of basic health facilities, improper education facilities for the people of the area are main issues, which have not been addressed even after tall-claims of ‘old faces’ of the area. “We (the couple) have left children at parents home for political campaign…I am optimistic to take maximum support from the area,” said a young candidate.

Being a young, educated and politically motivated lady, she has a dream that one day her people will be liberated from the shackles of fuedalism and “Biradri” system of voting.

She has no family history of politics and her courageous campaign to launch her political career all by herself is laudable.

She briefed that only the real political workers rising from the grassroots level can represent and fight for the rights of people electing her/ him. The young couple has to keep their children to parents’ home to campaign in the area.

Farhan Manzoor Bhutta, candidate of PP-286, has also high hopes to bring positive change in his area. “There is a need of awareness. People of our remote area have been deprived of even basic needs,” said Bhutta, mentioning that old tradition of ‘Vani’ and ‘Sawara’ can only be eliminated by creating awareness among the people.

Over the decades, Taunsa has seen Khosa Sardars and Khawaja Gaddi Nasheens while taking turns in the parliament. In the presence of these political stalwarts of the area, this young couple wants the support of the people to raise voice for them.  (Report The Nation)

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